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LoanRateBusters has help many consumers over the past year save money on mortgage refinancing, home equity loans, home loans, and debt consolidation loans.

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Refinance Mortgage Loans

Are you paying to much interest or to high of a payment on your home? If so than a refinance mortgage loan would be right for you. There are several reasons a homeowner would be looking to refinance. LoanRateBusters.com is a mortgage quoting service that will find you the lowest rate in all situations. Let us do the work for you.

Reasons You May Be Looking To Refinance

Payment to high – You may have purchased your home thing that you could afford the payment with out any problems. Life has a lot of surprise and now you are needing to refinance your mortgage to make ends meet.

Lower interest – Interest rates have been at an all time low now for a wile. The rate are being to raise a little and now you are thinking, this is now time to refinance my home. Rates are expected to continue to raise at a slow passe. I know a lot of people who keep saying I know they will continue to raise slow so I will refinance as soon as I have time to do so. Procrastination will cause the interest rate you could get now to become 1/2 to a full 1 percent more. That would make every 100,000.00 on an interest only loan be an extract 100.00 a months. Don’t wait any longer let us help you today. Get your free no obligation quote by starting the application in the right column today!

Get out of a amortization loan – There are a lot of people that have gotten stuck in amortization loans. These loan my be your friend in the beginning. When it come to mature they will become your worst enemy. Any bobby in one of these could tell you to say away if possible. If your are in one of these we can help you get out now!

Put Your Second into Your First – In the past 5 years real estate has taken a huge price increase. This would be a good time to get out of two payment and into one. Most lenders will only allow a bower-er to loan up to 80 percent of the home value. When the value of your home now you can get all of your home mortgage into one payment. Give us the opportunity to look at your situation and we will find you the best deals guaranteed.

Home Equity Loans

There are many reasons to use equity loans. Below we have listed some of the more popular ones of what people are doing with them.

Pay of debt – Using home equity loans is one of the best ways to pay off debt. Most people that have extensive debt have debt that is unsecured. This meaning that they have no collateral for the debt such as a credit cards. Equity loans can really get you into a better situation. Because your home is collateral it makes it really easy to get a loan against your home and pay off heavy unsecured debt with a better interest rate as well as lowering your payment.

Home improvement – Home improvement loans are basically a line of credit on your home. A line of credit is easy to get when you are a home owner because of the equity in it. On equity loans the lender will give you a check book. Any time you need money you just write a check against your home. Banks see no risk giving you money because they have something to take it you don’t pay your mortgage.

Extra cash – Everybody loves money. If you are a homeowner, you have access to the capital in your home. Just recently we have had a big housing cost increase and many owners have lots of money that could be used in any way they would like. If you want cash we can help you get.

We specialize in all kinds of mortgage loans. We want to help you get cash and get you a lower payment at the same time. If this is what you are looking for let us help you. Just simply begin the loan application above to receive free quotes now.

Debt Consolidation

If you are looking for help with consolidating debt you can end your search here. LoanRateBusters.com has a network of over 400 lenders that want to fight for your business. There are several kinds of consolidation loans you can get and our lenders specialize in helping people like you understand the best type of consolidation loan that will work for you while preserving your credit score.

There are two major ways to consolidate debt.

Secured Consolidation
Secured consolidation loans are for people that are in debt and have some equity, such as, a home. There has been much talk in the past few years how it is a good thing to use your home as the housing market has just had a big boom. Many homeowners have access to a large amount of cash in their home. If you were to say you are in debt as the national average person of $40,000 and you were a home owner it probably would benefit you to use your home equity. Here is why, getting money is easy when you have something to give up to the lender if you cant make your payments. Banks or lenders don’t see any risk when it comes to secured consolidation loans. Think about it, if you were to borrow $40,000 out of your home and there came a month that you couldn’t make your payment, you are more likely to make a bigger effort to borrow that payment amount from a friend or family member before you get a foreclosure notice on your door.

Unsecured Consolidation
Unsecured consolidation is for people that have no collateral or in other words are not home owners. These types of loans would be for a person that is just looking to lower there monthly payments or change their terms and put all their debt into one monthly bill. If you are looking to use an unsecured loan, whether you are a home owner or not, just begin filling out our loan application above and select “no” to home owner. Our application does not require you to be a home owner to be able to benefit from our consolidation programs.

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